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"A+ Awareness" Video Channel videos educate you to IDENTIFY, AVOID & even DIS-COURAGE potentially dangerous people.  Same skills trusted by top Agents, Police, and Military.  Jermaine gives detailed instruction on how to execute vigilant awareness, for different situations, places.  PARKING LOTS!  HOTEL ROOMS!  PARKS!  SCHOOLS!  OFFICE!



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Because AWARENESS is the most powerful protection that I can teach you.


There was 1 thing that I learned to trust more than the reliable fighting abilities that I acquired from a life of constant, high risk combat, and that was the AWARENESS that l used to "read" every situation and person that i encountered.  Awareness gave me clarity to predict behavior, and even to guide it.  I was always steps ahead of my enemy.  And still today, Awareness accompanies me with my custom upgrades, that allow me to delicately & politely initiate it's use in my everyday life, with everyday people.   Awareness is the most powerful combat personal protection protocol that I acquired in my life, and now I am offering this life empowering "way" to YOU.

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STEP #1:

Click the PDF or DOCX button to download the A+ Awareness test.  Print the test but DO NOT take it yet!  You will take the test after you have watched the assigned videos and read the literature.

STEP #2: 

Go to the A+ Awareness videos on this page and watch & study the ones listed here:

+Outdoor Running Dangers  +Your Personal Protection Should Be Mandatory  +Preparation

+How Your Navigation brings Criminals Home  +How To Re-Route Space invaders  +Parking Garage Awareness Tips  +Power of Awareness  +Power of Intuition

STEP #3:

A). Click on the "Preparedness" tip sheet to enlarge and study the lessons on it.  You can download and print it off if you would like to.  After completion of viewing the listed videos and studying the Preparedness report, you can take your test & follow the directions there.

*The "22 Strategies" icon is connected to a PDF report with the complete book inside that you are welcome to download.  You do not need to read this for your test but I implore that you do.  It has great lessons and could help you in the future.


*You may have a free digital copy of "The Lethal Lady's Way" e-mailed to you at no charge by joining the A+Awareness Video Club membership for $4.99 a month.

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